Building Strong Safely

Our focus on safety starts long before we ever mobilize to the field. It's part of reviewing and finalizing any proposal, continues through project planning and crew mobilization and is the responsibility of every Wanzek employee every day. We continuously work to improve our safety training and management programs, to hold every team member accountable and to ensure we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Zero Injury Pledge

At Wanzek Construction, safety is the cornerstone of our company culture. We are committed to continuous improvement in safety with a goal of ZERO INJURIES. Our commitment includes an active process to instill safety values in each team member and to ensure that safe behavior is instinctive and automatic. Comprehensive safety training and coaching is ongoing on each project and fosters an environment where team members help each other to work safely.

The safety process at Wanzek Construction encompasses subcontractors and suppliers, who are held to our rigid standards and are involved in all aspects of the project safety process, including a comprehensive substance-abuse screening program.

Wanzek Safety Pledge

  • We believe all injuries can be prevented and every team member is responsible for their safety and the safety of others. We plan our work to identify and address hazards and we always do our job the safest way possible.
  • Each Wanzek team member practices the R4 Process. Which is to Review, Recognize, Recommend and Reinforce. We review and observe behaviors and recognize if these behaviors are safe. We then recommend opportunities to improve and we reinforce positive behaviors.


Our zero-injury philosophy and industry leading safety record enables us to consistently deliver the highest quality work.