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Clean Energy

Solar Power.

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We specialize in engineering, procuring and constructing complex commercial, community and utility-scale solar power projects. We approach projects systematically, providing innovative solutions to each project from initial development and design through construction and operations. Our engineering team has the expertise to provide a high level of industry value to our clients by ensuring an accurate feasibility process. Our solar designs are developed with a focus on maximizing investment returns through performance analysis, delivery of bankable designs, high-quality equipment and maximizing project output with minimal life-cycle cost.

Our Solar Energy Capabilities:

  • Civil, Road and Earthwork Construction
  • Commissioning and Turnover
  • Electrical Terminations
  • Electrical Trenching and Cabling Installation
  • Equipment Placement
  • Operations and Maintenance Services
  • Panel and Module Installation
  • Piling and Racking Installation
  • Self-Perform Turnkey EPC
  • Substation and Switchyard Construction
  • Transmission Line Construction

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