Building Strong Operations & Maintenance Services

Whether it is new construction, regular maintenance, planned outages or emergencies, Wanzek delivers O&M services to meet your needs.  We know that downtime impacts not only you but hundreds or thousands of your customers as well. That’s why we react with dedicated crews that go to work promptly and finish correctly.

 Wanzek’s O&M service technicians are experienced, dependable and qualified.
  •  Certified in LO/TO, Grounding and Switching
  •  Certified in NFPA 70E Arc Flash
  •  Certified Testers (VLF, Tan Delta Testing, TTR, Megger 
      and Underground Fault Location)
  •  Certified Level 1 Thermographer
  •  Certified Crane Operators and Riggers

Our O&M Service Technicians have experience with all major turbine manufacturers and have completed work on wind projects across the United States. Our technicians are dependable, hardworking and equipped to bring unsurpassed experience and expertise to every project. Wanzek Operation and Maintenance Services include:

Electrical, Substation, Collection, Transmission Line & Testing Services  
• Substation Additions, Retrofits and Repairs
• Transformer Oil Analysis
• TTR Transformer Testing
• Underground Fault Locator and Repair
• Phasing and Rotating Testing
• Megger (HV & MV) Testing
• Ground Grid Resistance Testing
• Thermal Imaging
• Emergency Shutdown and Repairs Splice Repairs
• Equipment Change Out
• Retrofits/Updates
• Cable Replacement
• Equipment Testing, Maintenance and Replacement
• NERC Compliance Program
• Reliability Inspections
• Ground Resistance Testing
• Voltage Testing
• VLF Testing 
Wind Turbine Services 
• Blade Replacement
• Generator Replacement
• Gearbox Replacement
• Transformer Replacement
• Switchgear Replacement
• Anchor Bolt Tensioning
• Torque Checks
• Annual Maintenance 
Civil Services 
• Low Water Crossing Installation
• Access Road Grading
• Soft Spot Repair
• SWPPP Compliance
• Road Installation
• Wash Board Repair