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2020 Wanzek Belief and Bumpie Awards


Wanzek Belief Awards 2020

Each year Team Wanzek has the opportunity to nominate fellow employees and recognize them for their outstanding dedication to our Wanzek beliefs.

The Wanzek culture is centered around these seven beliefs and ingrained in everything we do. It’s our commitment to the engagement of our employees.

  • Protect: We believe safety of people and property is the cornerstone of Wanzek’s culture.
  • Quality: We are committed to doing our work once and doing it right.
  • Talent: We are committed to attracting and retaining top performers.
  • Information: We are committed to accurate and timely reporting, ensuring data-driven decisions.
  • Integrity: We conduct ourselves in an ethical, positive and trustworthy manner.
  • Communication: We communicate above the line and focus on solutions.
  • Profit: We believe maximizing profit is every employee’s responsibility.
Pictured in top row:Pictured in bottom row:
Protect: Anthony Haar - General ForemanIntegrity: Jessica Kulzer - HR Business Partner
Quality: Larissa Hett - Graphic Design SpecialistCommunication: Kellie Peterson - Operations Analyst
Talent: Juli Munro - Program Management DirectorProfit: Randy Guy - Project Manager
Information: Adam Dewald - Senior Business Analyst

Bumpie Awards 2020

These individuals utilized our Wanzek app to recognize fellow employees for upholding the same seven Wanzek beliefs. The following individuals received awards as a result of the most rebumps of the belief category tagged in their Fistbumps.

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