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3 Reasons Why Women Should Work in Construction


Construction is one of the largest male-dominated professions, but every day, more and more women are joining the field and making an impact. Here are three reasons why women should consider a career in the construction industry at Wanzek.

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It’s no secret that jobs in construction are currently in high demand. Associated Builders and Contractors predicts that 590,000 new workers will be needed in construction in 2023 alone. On top of that, 41% of the current workforce is expected to retire by 2030.

There’s high demand for many different roles within construction. From Site Administrators to Project Managers, there are endless opportunities to develop your career and grow in the industry. Wanzek always has multiple project sites across the United States, and our team of recruiters can help find a job that fits your career and location needs.

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The construction industry pays very well compared to most industries and is a great career to consider. Construction careers offer some of the fairest pay between men and women compared to other industries. The National Association of Women in Construction reports that women in the industry earn 99.1% of what their male counterparts make for the same duties. At Wanzek, we offer competitive salaries paired with a comprehensive benefits package.

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Careers in construction offer a wide variety of both personal and professional growth opportunities. There are many different roles that the industry offers, allowing you to try new roles and receive promotions.

Construction is also a hands-on career. The skills that you learn are not job specific, and you’re able to apply that knowledge to everyday life.

And if you have no experience, that’s no problem. Wanzek has an Apprenticeship Program that will pay you to learn and work. The program is registered by the Department of Labor and accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research. Check out the details on our Apprenticeship Program page.

If you’re interested in a career in construction at Wanzek, check out our careers page to see all our available opportunities!

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