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A Look Into the American Clean Power Association


The American Clean Power Association (ACPA) is a leading federation of renewable energy companies helping the advancement of clean energy as the dominant power source of America. Within the organization, clean energy infrastructure companies (as well as some EPC contractors, such as Wanzek) from around the country come together to help steer the direction of the renewable energy industry.

“ACPA has brought together all the facets of renewables, such as on-shore/off-shore wind, solar, energy storage, etc. All of these pieces come together so that we can have one common voice of renewable energy and where we want the industry to go,” Matt Tetrault, Vice President of Wind Construction Services at Wanzek, said.

Wanzek has had representation on the board of ACPA since its beginning in 2019. Matt Tetrault and Neal Detert (Wanzek’s Vice President of Project Services) sit on the board of directors and were also founding members of the association. They were able to help with writing the bylaws, working on their branding and more.

ACPA is unique in the sense that it brings together competitors for mutual success. 

“This organization has been great for us because even with our competitors, we’ve shared a common voice. For example, Neal is currently on a committee working with two other renewable service companies to help drive legislation related labor and apprenticeship programs. Even though we’re all competitors, we all come together with a mutual goal to help guide the industry forward,” Matt said.

The annual “Clean Power” conference put on by ACPA is coming up in December. This event brings together vendors, owners, EPCs and all companies in the renewable space to help build relationships, bring companies together, give visibility to everyone involved and more. This event is also a great opportunity to be a part of the educational in-person seminars ACPA puts on. 

“We’re Looking forward to seeing all of these people, companies and board members in person. COVID has hindered that for quite some time. Also excited to see some of our clients that we haven’t been able to meet with in a while and to continue growing those relationships,” Matt added.

Wanzek is honored to be involved with this solid foundation and looks forward to future endeavors with ACPA. Keep an eye out on Wanzek’s social media for further ACPA coverage.

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