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MasTec Acquires Sizeable Infrastructure Company


At Wanzek, we are focused daily on delivering excellence, whether it be expanding our services, improving our processes, or growing our team. We work hard to be the best and get the job done right. While the daily grind is incredibly important to our success, so is looking into the future and setting our company up for many years of prosperity.

Wanzek is pleased to share that MasTec has acquired FNF Construction, a large transportation infrastructure contractor based out of Tempe, AZ. FNF has been in the construction business since 1984 and primarily serves Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Their 650 employees have a similar DNA to Wanzek’s – both companies lead with a commitment to safety first and a focus on quality and collaboration for any project, no matter the size.

The acquisition of FNF will add infrastructure back as one of the core markets. They offer services that could potentially reduce costs including supplying aggregate, asphalt, drilling and blasting to name a few. On top of being in a desirable market and having a similar culture, FNF has been a very successful company and has been for nearly 40 years.

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