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MasTec Climbs ENR’s 2023 Top Contractor Rankings with Wanzek’s Renewable Energy Expertise


As a leader in the renewable energy market, Wanzek is proud to share recent accolades from Engineering News-Record (ENR). Earlier this year, our parent company, MasTec, submitted to ENR's 2023 Top Contractors list for the first time and received impressive rankings, securing the #1 position in the power sector and an impressive #3 overall ranking.

Now, ENR has released its 2023 Top Contractors Sourcebook, and we are thrilled to announce that MasTec has secured top positions across multiple renewable energy categories. As part of the MasTec Renewables team, which consists of Wanzek, IEA Constructors, White Construction and Bianchi Electric, we take immense pride in our contributions to these honors. You can learn more about the details of these rankings below:

#1 Wind Energy Top Contractor – ENR has ranked MasTec as the nation's largest wind energy contractor, solidifying our market-leading position in this rapidly growing industry. With decades of experience in the wind energy sector, Wanzek proudly helps lead the way in the energy transition, thanks to our MasTec Renewables team.

#2 Solar Energy Top Contractor – Wanzek's expertise in the solar energy industry continues to expand with the support of the MasTec Clean Energy and Infrastructure segment. We’re proud contributors to MasTec's #2 ranking in solar energy in ENR's 2023 Top Contractors Sourcebook.

MasTec’s outstanding performance extends to several other key categories as well. Here’s the full list:

  • #1 Power Contractor
    • #1 Wind Energy
    • #1 Transmission & Distribution
    • #2 Solar Energy
    • #4 Fossil Fuel
  • #7 Petroleum Contractor
    • #2 Pipelines
    • #6 Maintenance
    • #13 Refineries & Petrochemical Plants
  • #20 Transportation Contractor
    • #7 Highways
    • #17 Mass Transit & Rail
    • #24 Bridges
  • Environmental Contractor
    • #5 Sanitary & Storm Sewer
    • #21 Sewerage & Solid Waste
  • Manufacturing Contractor
    • #1 Antennae & Towers
    • #1 Transmission Lines
    • #2 Mining
    • #2 Steel & Non-Ferrous
    • #5 Telecommunications
    • #5 Electronic Assembly
    • #22 Data Centers
    • #29 Industrial Process

Being listed as a top contractor across diverse categories is an outstanding honor, especially in MasTec’s first year of submission. These remarkable achievements highlight our commitment to delivering safe and profitable results for our clients, while underscoring our position as an industry leader. We eagerly anticipate the continued success and growth of the MasTec Renewables team in the years ahead as we provide the highest quality services and projects to our customers across North America.

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