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Glen Ullin
Energy Center

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Statistical or Overview Information

Start Date: October 2018

Completed Date: September 2019

The Glen Ullin Energy Center was completed utilizing over 132,000 labor hours and is located in the western portion of North Dakota. The Glen Ullin Energy Center is a 106.7 MW wind energy project using a quantity of 39 GE 2.5-116 wind turbines with a 116-meter rotor diameter and a 90-meter hub height. Additionally, this project has a quantity of 4 GE 2.3-116 wind turbines with a 116-meter rotor diameter and an 80-meter hub height, collectively. The Glen Ullin Energy Center produces enough power for about 55,000 homes over a year’s time.

Project Scope:

  • Civil, foundation, collection, 34.5/230 kV substation, 34.5 kV collection system circuits
  • Access road, crane paths, turbine pad construction
  • Erection
  • Foundation excavation, crane pads, backfill
  • Tower wiring
  • Wind turbine foundation concrete installation
  • Wind turbine offload
  • 4,000 SF pre-engineered metal storage building with SCADA room for client O&M
  • Meteorological tower

Location Glen Ullin, ND

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Glen Ullin
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