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Red Barn

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Statistical or Overview Information

Start Date: May 2022

Completion Date: June 2023

The Red Barn Wind Farm is a 91.6 MW power plant designed and built by Wanzek Construction, Inc. consisting of 24 GE 3.4 MW and 4 GE 2.5 MW turbines. Approximately 10 miles of access roads were installed. Over 14,000 CY of concrete was poured and approximately 1,000 tons of rebar tied. Over 123,000 LF of MV cable was trenched/installed across the four circuits on the project footprint. All scopes are complete with the exception of the O&M building and turbine erection. The O&M building is being walked down in February 2023 and erection will be completed mid- to late February. Mechanical completion is expected by late February 2023. Civil resources will return in the spring of 2023 for reclaim activities.

Project Scope:

  • Engineering (design and material testing)
  • Civil including cement stabilization, aggregate, access roads, excavation/backfill and rock crushing
  • WTG foundations including grout injection, rebar and concrete
  • Collection (boring, trenching and terminations)
  • Substation with slack span
  • Offload
  • WTG erection
  • Tower wiring
  • O&M building
  • Meteorological tower

Location Montfort, WI

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