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Clean Energy

Two Rivers

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Statistical or Overview Information

Started: July 2023

Completed: June 2025 (Projected)

The Two Rivers Wind Project in Wyoming will be built on a mix of private land and BLM lands. The 305 MW project consists of 50 GE 6.1 MW turbines, 10.6 miles of transmission line, 145,000 LF of access road, 41,000 CY of concrete, 136,000 tons of rebar, 283,000 LF of collection cable, and an 8,000 SF O&M Building. This is Wanzek’s first project installing the GE Cypress 6.1 towers.

Location Medicine Bow, WY

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Project Scope

  • Engineering
  • Roads
  • Foundations
  • Meteorological towers
  • ADLS
  • O&M
  • Substation
  • Transmission line
  • Offload
  • WTG erection
  • Tower wiring
  • Transmission line
  • O&M building
  • Collection cable installation
  • Rebar Installation
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