Cimarron II Wind Farm - 131MW

Located 200 miles west of Wichita Kansas, north of Cimarron, KS on 16,000 acres of leased farmland in Gray County, this 131MW wind farm will be capable of generating power to nearly 40,000 homes. Wanzek crews mobilized for Duke Energy Renewables in the fall of 2011. Crews are on schedule for project completion in June 2012. Wanzek's is responsible for the installation of 13 miles of turbine roads,  39.5 miles of collection line,  over 23,000 CY of concrete, 2,200 tons of rebar, erection of 57 Siemens 2.3 towers, tower wiring, and the construction of an O&M building.
Scope / Balance of Plant: Roads, Foundations, Collection System, Substation, Switchyard, Turbine Erection, Tower Wiring, and Operations & Maintenance Building